English speaking Customers

1. For assistance in English please send enquiry to e-mail address: sklep@aquasol.pl or call mobile: +48 504 685 360.

2. WACO Corp. is one of leading manufacturer of electric bidets supplying products for several brands and our own. WACO (formerly HYUNDAI WacoTec) electric bidets are well-known worldwide due to it's reliability, functionality and premium design. Even basic model HDB-100 offers all possible Washing+Bidet+Enema Wash features including Pulse and Massage. Each HDB model has HYBRID heating system for water (namely tank & flow water heater) and USER SENSOR (build in seat). Therefore electric bidets automatically switch into ENERGY SAVING functions when are not in use. 

3. AQUASOL imports electric bidets and non electric bidets directly from WACO Corp. factory in Republic of Korea. We keep stock of replacement parts for warranty and after sales support. All products are covered 2 years warranty from date of sale in line with factory conditions stated in User Guide. We provide User Guide in English and Polish languages and offer tel support for product sold within working hours if needed.

4. Functionalities of 3 models in regular offer:

HDB-120 supports ALL possible Washing and Bidet functions combined with Pulse and Massage. Enema Wash and Child mode are also available as standard. Each model has Hybrid heating system for water and Energy Saving technology based on built in User Sensor. Drying feature starts automatically after washing.

HDB-1500 is premium model with all washing modes. Unit has built-in PUMP for cold water, DRY-ing and DEODORIZATlON

HDB-1500R has a WIRELESS control panel and USER MEMORY SETUP for 4 Persons.

5. Type of seat and toilet hardware compatibility issues:

Each model of HDB bidet has 2 type of seat (round=standard and elongate=longer). Please keep in mind that electric bidet fits only classic oval type of design your toilet hardware.

Please check distance in between holes on top surface (for fixing toilet seat) and front of ceramic toilet. Depending on measurement please consider as following: [ standard < 44cm< elongate ]

6. Checking and veryfying type of seat using "Obrys HDB_typ".pdf file 

For your convenience please download file "Obrys" and print it out 1:1 ratio. Stick 6 pages along guideline markers into single sheet then using scissors cut off rest of remaining paper. Please check which type of seat match shape of your ceramic toilet considering areas for fixing screws.  There are 2 separate files:

--> "Obrys deski HYUNDAI seria HDB_typ standard.pdf" = round, 

--> "Obrys deski HYUNDAI seria HDB_typ wydluzony.pdf" = elongate.

7. Ordering process and transportation cost

Price includes transportation cost by DPD courier service within territory of Poland. For deliveries for Baltic countries or other region simply send an quotation.

Usually we dispatch goods (available on stock) within 24 hours from confirmed order, therefore you can expect courier handling goods latest in 72 hours.

If You need additional information do not hestitate - please reffer to point no.1

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